iFlight Protek 60 Pro HD Cinelifter

Camera Mounnt

Receiver Option



Highlights and Features: - Protected Propellers for indoor and outdoor use, protecting whatever you might bump into from nasty cuts - Universal camera mount and accessories for a wide range of cameras to install - iFlight ESC Commander PCB // Power distribution board with high capacitance and heat dissipation - Single X-Class grade ESC motor drivers for more power and reliability - Big size XING2 3110 // The power motors with extreme lift and flight performance - GPS module pre-installed (BF GPS rescue or INAV GPS RTH feature available) - up to 110 km/h // 1.5 kg payload // Total lift off weight up 3.5 kg (recommended max. MTOW) ProTek60 Pro BNF Specs: BLITZ F7 Flight Controller SucceX X80A X-Class ESC Motor: XING2 3110 1600KV GPS module: iFlight M8Q-5883-GPS & Compass V2.0 (LINK) Wheelbase: 282mm Body Size: 380*351mm Top and bottom plate spacing: 35mm (aluminum standoff height) Propeller size: 6 inch Weight: 1330g (without battery) FC // BLITZ F7 MCU: STM32 F722 Gyro: MPU6000 Baro: NO OSD: AT7456E BEC:5V 2.5A BlackBox:32MB UARTs: 6 Smart audio / IRC Tramp VTX protocol supported WS2812ledStrip: Yes Bepper: Yes Firmware Target: IFRC-IFLIGHT_BLITZ_F722 Mounting pattern: 30.5*30.5mm/φ4 Dimensions: 36.5*35mm Weight: 7.8g ESC // iFlight ESC Commander PCB (4x SucceX X80A) MCU: G071 Capacitance per ESC: total 240UF Low ESR Current Sensor: Yes Input: 2-8S LIPO BlHeli32 telemetry: Yes BEC: No Supports up to DShot DShot150/300/600/1200/MultiShot/OneShot PWM Drive Firmware Target: iFlight-BL32-PRO Weight:8.1g Dimension: 40*17mm ProTek60 Pro HD BNF Included Components and Parts pre-built and tested ProTek60 Pro 1 x Fullsend X 6S 70C 4400mAh 1 x DJI FPV Air Unit Module + Camera 2 x Albatross LHCP 5.8GHz 100mm SMA FPV Antenna 4 x 6x4x3 Propellers (Color may vary) 2 x iFlight Lipo Strap 20*300mm (Black) 1 x Prop Wrench 1 x XT90 Male to XT60 Female Adapter Wire

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