OddityRC XI35 Pro 3.5 inch Cinematic Whoop Frame




Product Details

  • Product name: XI-35Pro frame
  • Customized 7075 high-strength M3 aluminum column
  • Injection molding unibody duct
  • Ultra lightweight: 118g with all screws and printed parts
  • Prop guard improves more than 10% prop efficiency


XI35 frame uses customized 7075 high-strength M3 aluminum columns, with YFS screws, to ensure the strength of the connecting parts of the frame. The injection molding ring continues the high-strength crashworthy performance of the previous 2.5-inch frame.

The whole frame is composed of upper and lower carbon plates and high-strength injection molding unibody prop guard.The prop guard can also improve prop efficiency(more than 10%) and reduce noise. The appearance is very industrial and has excellent performance in collision protection.

The frame comes with integrated antenna mount, camera mount, M5 full Gopro mount,camera lens protector, eva protection strip, eva landing pad,14/19/20mm camera mount, power cable for flight control, capacitor, inner hole sma to ipex cable, inner hole sma to mmcx connection cable (need to use inner pin antenna), 2x15mm battery strip.

  • Wheelbase:152mm
  • Interior height:24mm
  • Flight control hole:25.5mm/26.5mm
  • VTX hole:20mm/25.5mm
  • Motor installation:12mm
  • Camera hole position:14mm/19mm/20mm
  • Weight:80g(carbon fiber plates+Injection protection ring)
  •             118g(all screws and printed parts included)
  • Upper plate thickness:3.5mm
  • Outer Dimensions:213mm*213mm

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